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Technologies Stack

  • Javascript

    ES6/ES7, Node.js, Vanilla Javascript

  • React

    React.js, Flux, Redux, Jest

  • Angular

    Angular 1, Angular 2 or 4, TypeScript

  • Webpack

    Webpack 3, Babel, Hot Reload

  • Deploy

    Docker, Ansible

  • Databases

    MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, DynamoDB

  • Testing

    TDD, BDD, Jest, Mocha, Chai, Jasmine, Istanbul, Enzyme

  • AWS

    Lambda, S3, EC2, Serverless Framework, ApiGateway, ECS

  • ORM

    Sequelize, Mongoose, Knex

  • Template Engines

    Jade, Handlebars

  • Other

    PHP, Elastic Search, Socket.io